My name is Jade, and it is a pleasure to meet you. 


I have learned that being Human does not come with an operations manual. Alternatively, we move through life, collecting a unique assortment of teachings mindfully curated through experience, which forge our personal history. We use this to create structure and navigate through life often with no real clear indication of whether we're doing it "right" or not. 


I have also learned that there is no "right" or "wrong" way. We experience some arrangement of joy and pain; happiness and sadness; light and dark; love and heartbreak; gratitude and worry; compassion and anger; and so on. We weave a pattern out of a vibrant, and very alive, spectrum and thread in a range of multi-faceted shapes—namely, the roles we play and masks we wear—somehow defining who we are.


Who we are, indeed runs deeper than who think we are. Wayne Dyer said it like this:


"You aren't your work, your accomplishments, your possessions, your home, your family... your anything. You're a creation of your Source, dressed in a physical human body intended to experience and enjoy life on Earth."


Our personal history is valid and a valuable contribution to our existence. However, it is not WHO we are. We exist far beyond our physicality. I am more interested in exploring that bona fide Self living somewhere beneath and superior this finite surface so we can experience what it truly means to live freely.


The unveiling of true nature, governed and directed by a Higher Self, has been my passion for years. Aside from many training and certifications in a range of wellness modalities, anything of real value I have to share with you comes through my personal healing experience, trials and tribulations, victory and celebration, and all from the Source of my Soul Being.


For many, healing can mean "broken" coupled with feeling a need to "fix" something. Healing is a holistic approach to remembering who you are and realigning with the magnificent source of your well-being. We all have different reasons to heal. We all heal at different rates, process in different ways, and I believe that we are here to support each other in this revival.


I also believe we are here to learn how to relate to another--and ourselves--by relaying information. To continuously listen and create space for those to express themselves in ways that feel in alignment with their Soul. To find balance and to support the collection elevation of Human consciousness. To do this, we engage in healthy, supportive relationships--both with another and especially our self--as we discover our purpose and elicit the sensations of happiness and joy.

When we allow our self to go inside and shift what lies beneath the surface, movement happens.


When we compassionately support each other in accessing light through the art of healing, magic happens.


When we fully align and merge with the true essence of our supreme being, miracles happen.


My healing journey began years ago. Yet, it wasn't until the overwhelming and unattended chronic physical injuries, emotional trauma, and severe substance abuse started to dangerously affect my well being that I truly allowed myself to dive deep in search of my light.


I had watched my life take an unpleasant turn, and there I went along with it. The everlasting love I had for creative expression through movement was compromised, and most of my relationships were weakening and falling apart rapidly - especially the one I had with myself. On the outside, I still had it all. Amazing and loving friends, a supportive family, a successful career, and overall good health, but something big in life was missing.


Kundalini Movement + Meditation found me in the most auspicious time, and through my first experience, something spectacular transpired. The shift and sense of fulfillment I had been seeking were not only felt but embodied. I quickly recognized the full range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health benefits. Through a fundamental and daily experiential practice and the gracious guidance of powerful teachers like Gloria Latham, Sara Jade Gooding and Tiaga Prem Singh, I was able to move through a consistent discovery of Self. I am forever grateful to share these teachings with others as they have been the chief incentive for my healing.


Sound Meditation and Yoga Nidra are two additional healing remedies I am perpetually obsessed with as they have proven to complement the practice of Kundalini Movement + Meditation fluidly.


We live in a stressful time of technology, and self-care has proven to have a whole different meaning. Through the conduit of sound and duration of deep relaxation, visceral sacred healing is experienced. I genuinely believe in a fine combination of sound, breath, movement and stillness as a recipe for an empowering contribution to developing awareness, personal growth and transformation.


In conjunction with my Yoga and Sound practices, I study the teachings of Tea and hold facilitator certifications in C.C.M.B.A and Black Pearl energy techniques. Both treatments offer hands-on bodywork to help relieve the body and brain of deep-seated trauma, stress, and overall bright space on a mental, physical and emotional level.


The Way of the Tea (Cha Dao) reminds me to embody the natural cycles and elements of life with a blooming heart. I remember to be still and create awareness by witnessing thought and emotion as something that is not who I am but an experience. I remember what does not add takes away. I remember that our experience can be simple and provide us with a sweetness that all senses can savour. I remember to be present and thrive in a symbiotic relationship that is merely a continuum of a forever expanding consciousness. 

And above all, I am so grateful to connect and share space with you. By deepening our practice and exploring both the Shadow + the Light through this Hue-man experience we get to discover what it means to LIVE lightly and be ALIVE.

love, jade

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