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Seasons of Self

This virtual retreat is an integrative five-part passage for those ready to choose a new way. It’s an invitation to remember your worth, reclaim your radiance, and return to your Self.

Just keep coming home to yourself, you are the one you have been waiting for.

Byron Katie


Are you ready?

Do you desire an opportunity to reclaim a grounded and connected relationship with yourSelf? Do you feel the ache to truly integrate the wholeness of your Being? Are you craving a space to do the deep work of returning?  

This Homecoming Virtual Retreat is an invitation to those of you who yearn for a deeper intimacy with your Self, and with the world; who desire a space to remember all of who and what you are; who are ready to choose a new way.

It’s time to come home.


Who this is for.

Homecoming was designed for those of you who crave to initiate or deepen your relationship with your Self, through an alchemy of movement, meditation, and Self-exploration. It was created for those of you who:


  • Are seeking a holistic healing experience.

  • Are looking to deepen the relationship you have with your Self, others, and the world.

  • Desire space and time to connect with your body, mind, soul, and Spirit.

  • Are ready to remember and reclaim a sense of peace and contentment.

  • Want to develop your capacity to forgive and let go with ease.

  • Crave deep, unconditional self-acceptance.

  • Aren’t afraid to greet and explore the spectrum of your Being.

  • Are ready to open your heart to feelings of worthiness, joy, and love.

  • Want to nourish and amplify your radiance and magnetism.

  • Desire a grounded and strong sense of Self.

  • Know it’s time to truly come Home.

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Image by Timothy Eberly

Seasons of Self.

When we think of "coming home," we imagine an unlearning, a remembrance, a softening, a surrender... a returning that happens deep within our Soul.


An integral aspect of returning to Self is the remembrance that we are cyclical beings. When we reclaim and embody this wisdom, we can start to greet ourselves with compassion, integrating our wholeness with more ease. Noticing the seasons of Self is medicine, for it strengthens our capacity for deep self-acceptance. When we stop creating resistance by grasping for that which isn't aligned, we are given the opportunity to feel what it means to truly surrender into the flow. This act of love inspires transformation and welcomes healing.


During this five part at-home retreat immersive, you will be invited to listen to the sound of your truth. This deep listening will allow you to greet yourself where you’re at, and deepen your relationship to your own cycles and rhythms. Recognizing and working with the seasons' nuances will grant you the space to release, rest, grow, bloom, and return, as you are connected to, not separate from nature itself.


In each component, you will explore foundational principles of the four seasons, and introduce practices that will help support and create an awareness of your shifting inner landscape. This curation of practical and experiential tools will help you identify and amplify what season you’re in and help broaden your capacity to welcome yourself home; to ground, access and merge with the source of your well-being.




You introduce your Self to the explorative homework to come. We will deepen our understanding of what it means to be cyclical and how working with the seasons can graciously benefit our living experience.



In fall, we are invited to release the parts of us that are no longer ours to carry and embrace decay. It is a time of offering, returning, nourishment and forgiveness.

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We are invited to rest, digest and reveal the medicine of our shadow. During the dark stage of our cycle we find a softening in the stillness as we create space and sow our seeds of purpose through a deep listening.



Spring is in the air. We are stimulated and feeling wildly creative as our seeds of intention emerge from fertile soil and seek the dawning of light.



A new version of Self is ripe and blooming. We celebrate the sun and learn to bask in the fruits of labour by expressing our expansive, vital and vibrant nature.

Foundational + Bonus Elements.

In this retreat, you will receive unlimited access to our five modules, which include:



  • Four Kundalini Movement with Meditation Videos

  • Four Guided Self-Exploration Videos

  • Yoga Nidra Meditation

  • Guided Visualization Meditations 

  • PDF Workbook with Self Study Material

  • Private + Anonymous Enrolment

  • Self-Paced Open Timeline



  • Active Community Forum with Jenn + Jade

  • Homecoming Curated Spotify + Apple Music Playlists

  • Seasonal Live Workshop-Style Experience **offered every 3 months + recorded for those who are unable to join us live.

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Seasons of Self begins September 22, 2020

Sign up on or before SEPTEMBER 21, 2020, get the full course + all bonus material for:

To the first 10 people to sign up on or before SEPTEMBER 21, 2020, you will receive an EXTRA BONUS pre-recorded guided visualization meditation.

All prices are listed in USD.

Homecoming is inclusive and open to all expressions of self-identified genders and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, and/or nationality.