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Habitually reconnect with the inherent rhythm of source to realize, harmonize + optimize your living experience.

Rhythm + Harmonize.

Engage in rhythmic movement + self-study as a means to foster insight + realign with the source of your well-being. 

Connect + Commune.

An invitation to openly commune with your community in the way to thrive through connectivity.

Rinse + Repeat.

Adopt a practice that builds consistency + routine into your life to help stimulate + enhance conscious living.

Hue-man Beings are remarkably receptive to repetition.

Repetition fosters + deepens the grooves of our emotional, mental + physical architecture, thus creating an imprint of opinions based on our personal history. These patterns, stored in the subconscious, strengthen our belief systems, conduct our responses and in the way we experience the world. What we repeat becomes our practice, whether it agrees with us or not.

Spiritual activation + alignment is an inside job. And to feel into all of it, to understand + actualize our true Self is our birthright. As we sort through the subconscious, we dismantle long-standing habitual patterns + impart new ones making space to live through the essence of love + welcome an embodiment of light.


Our living experience is dependent on our practice + believe it or not, we all have the ability to take authority over how we participate. We all have the advantage to optimize our living experience + live the magnificent life we were born to live. To become magnetic, attract opportunities that are in alignment with your soul purpose + ultimately, embrace the aliveness in all that is. This prepares us for all facets of life - the hard, the soft + everything else in between. We learn to manage our way of being, strengthen our systems + show up through the best version of ourselves.

​​Through intentional breath-initiated movement + deep listening, we begin to alter brain activity + arouse our systems, thus creating the space to encourage change in our mental processes. This ultimately breaks old paradigms + shifts our perception so we can be healthier candidates in connection + respectfully support the world we live in.

We begin to witness the wisdom in all + acclimate to a new way of living. We devise a plan to prime + strengthen our faculty + sovereignty. We walk in the way of manifestation + live a masterful life. By raising our vibration, we can successfully deep dive into the subconscious + expand space in the seat of the heart. Here we recognize our potential + move from a place of dominion + inspiration.

If you are still reading this, you are likely craving change in the way you feel, think, speak, breathe, move, live, love et al. Wouldn’t you agree that it is time to empower your practice into alignment with the agency your well-being?


So, move lightly with me...

I want to share with you the tools + practices I use to help transform my living experience.

You choose the way.

Your practice teaches you to realize self-actualization through spirit expression + human design. You choose the way + I will meet you there - this is your practice.

Diamond Practice

  • All LIVE movement + meditation classes

  • Unlimited access to a library of class history on demand (including previous class history from all of 2021)

  • LIVE online commune to support practice integration | Every first Tuesday of the month | 7-8 PM

  • Ongoing community-based conversation to share your voice + learn from others

  • Monthly bonus material created especially for you including audio meditations

Essentials Practice

  • All LIVE movement + meditation classes

  • LIVE online commune to support practice integration | Every first Tuesday of the month | 7-8 PM

Occasional Practice

  • Single class purchases available for those who want to try a class or are unable to commit to a monthly offering.​​

Sunday | 9-10:30 AM

A dynamic movement + meditation class designed to guide you through your own personal transformation experience.

Friday | 6:30-7:30 AM

A class designed to encourage deep listening through the way of meditation and consistency. Each week we will explore a different set of exercises followed by mediation anywhere from eleven minutes upward to encourage in-depth introspection.

Weekly class schedule.

What people are saying.

Jade is remarkably gifted in the way that she grounds the esoteric teachings of kundalini in a very human, vulnerable and relatable practice. Practicing with her feels like you’re in the presence of a powerful teacher and an easy friend all at once. Her classes help me to feel more connected, energized and clear, and ultimately that means I show up with more vitality and joy the rest of the week.

Highly recommended!


I've been attending Jade's classes since October 2019. After my first class with her, I quickly discovered that she holds a space that is uniquely her own. She offers a personal approach to her classes by sharing intimately about her own life's experiences, which I believe opens the space up for compassion + healing. Jade is clearly passionate about her practice as she seems to discover new ways to expand + grow which translates into her classes every week. Whether over Zoom or in person, Jade keeps me engaged + present for the entire class.  Thanks for all that you do for us Jade!!


I have been attending Jade's yoga classes for about 3 years. I also attended a weekend Yoga Retreat in Sept 2019. Jade is a lovely person + genuine in what she offers in her yoga practices. Her guided meditations include personal development based on a strong educational background + self-experiences. She engages with personal stories + readings from influential teachers. I often feel at the end of our practice, it was personally for me. Confirmation of my truth, a feel-good + warmth of gratitude. It is an active Kundalini practice that generates good energy and stronger bodies. It's a lot of fun.



The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of  the state of your mind. 

–Wayne Dyer 




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  • Single Class

  • Sunday | 9-10:30 AM 

  • Friday | 6:30-7:30 AM 




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  • Access to ALL live classes

  • Monthly LIVE discussion 




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  • All LIVE classes | Sunday + Friday

  • Unlimited class On Demand 

  • Online community-based forum 

  • Monthly LIVE discussion 

  • Audio Meditations added monthly 

  • Monthly bonus material 


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All movement practices are designed to give you an experimental experience that will assist you in finding your own way. I am here to support + guide you through this experience as you discover the true nature of your being.