Answering the Call

In the dawning of collective growth, we attune to deeply listening to what rings true for ourselves, nurturing this profoundly, and contributing to a mutual awakening.

What rings true for you?

Are you picking up the call from divine creative intuition? Or are you still entertaining the conditioned mind?

Our mind can be a great servant to the Soul but, left unchecked, it can also take the position of our most conflicting opponent. Destructive, misleading, and often derived from an impression of someone else's story, we end up living a life that is not ours to live, yet all given contrast to realize our potential.

The chatter of the mind can drown the voice of creative intuition and negate the inspiration that lives within all. So it is up to you to consistently re-evaluate, rework, and recondition the conditioned mind in efforts to clear space, remember your purpose, and re-align with the sense of the heart - leaving ample room to dream into manifestation.

We start with ourselves and then contribute to the health of humanity through the elevation of our collective consciousness.

As you probably already know, I have been pairing down my offerings and online engagement in an effort to refine my direction in life. A LOT has been surfacing and in a way that is both inexplicable and abundantly clear. I will have more to share with you soon, but for now, I want to know...

Are you answering the call?


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