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Updated: Feb 9

It can be very easy to slip into a pool of shallow gossip. We are human, it happens to all of us.

An unbalanced Negative Mind can bring about a well of insecurity that manifests through this type of unpleasant behavior, amongst others.

We speak negatively about another because we feel ungrounded and unsure of ourselves. Our ego is challenged and threatened to a point where we feel our reputation may be in danger.

We feel triggered due to our own discomfort. So we react by relaying judgement about another to arouse temporary relief for our own personal disturbance.

Explore this for a moment. What good has EVER come out of speaking poorly about another?

I promise you, that sh*t will rot you from the inside out.

So what do you do about this negative garbage as it arrives? You need to check in with yourself. You pause and ask yourself, “What is going on for me, right now?”

If this is a consistent recurring behavior for you, I suggest giving this meditation a try. This is by no means a means to bypass those heavy and destructive thoughts but a method to clear the subconscious so your feedback is a healthy and discerning response rather than a prevoking reaction.

Meditation for the Negative Mind

Sit with your spine straight in a comfortable seat. Make a cup with both hands at the level of the heart. Right hand will rest on top of the left. The fingers will cross over each other. Rest your elbows at the side ribs. Eyes are open slightly + gazing in the palm of the hand. Inhale any negative thoughts deeply, then exhale them as a steady stream into your hands through rounded lips like you are blowing out a candle.

Start with 11 mins and work up to 31.

Sat Nam + Love,



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