Greeting the shadow.

The full spectrum of our existence as a Hue-man Being, and Life itself, is created by an intricate weaving of light and shadow mapped out as a means to experience and study. Many will spend an entire lifetime actively seeking the embodiment of only light while successfully fearing the dark. Spiritual activation and alignment is an inside job, and we must remember to embrace and feel into all of it to actualize and understand true Self.

The shadow begins when we start to adopt the unhealthy belief systems of another and uniquely braid them into a pattern that we learn to identify with as who we are. This collection of belief systems is stored in the subconscious that, although valid, are most often false and opposing to our Being's true nature. These systems are programmed and hardwired through a way of our personal history and reinforced by a conditioned narrative keeping us from optimizing our living experience and that supreme life we are born to live.

The shadow invites us to accept and liberate yourself from slated limitations impeding your great creative potential. It is often the medicine we require to thrive as it holds the key to unlock the chains that never happened to be locked in the first place.

When we become intimate with our shadow side, we learn to be with our pain as a breadth of information and a healthy means to heal, rather than suppress it. Naming, owning, working with and through the darkness allows us to deepen the relationship we have with ourselves, broaden and strengthen our compassionate heart, remember our benevolence and create a spacious and fertile environment to graciously welcome the light.


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