Letting you in.

This is a snapshot of me behind the scenes of Jade Wolfe.

That’s right, aside from yoga classes, workshops, other offerings, and spiritual insights, I am a full-time clothing designer of 20 years. This consumes, on average, a third of my time and energy, and in this version, I do not answer to Jade Wolfe ;)

In this human experience, we will play various roles, wear plenty of masks, and even take on different labels and names as we bend and shift into numerous shapes of self-expression.

Each version is valid, and each shape is a unique, fluid and ever-changing combination of elements manifesting in reflections of experience, of story, of labels—which we identify with.

The problem is we often attach ourselves to these identities and thus create limitations through the confines of our perceived reality.

So why do we shape shift as we do? How are these multi-faceted versions serving us, as individuals and most importantly, as a whole?

Check in with the beliefs you have about yourself and the identities that support them. I have been. And I am finding that what arrives, when I explore and push the boundaries of what I think I know about myself, is wild.

I assure you, there is so much more than you are allowing yourself to see.

Roles, labels and identities are just a figment of our imagination. What would possibly happen if you gave yourself permission to expand your imagination beyond, explore all the possibilities, and remain open and curious along the way?


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