Our authenticity attracts all.

I am enough. I have enough. I need enough to thrive.

I have spent much of my energy in this lifetime diligently seeking outside myself for fulfillment. Desperately grasping onto what I felt was, at the time, necessary to feel grounded, secure, and safe in my own skin.

I used money to buy my way to happiness. And through this, I found myself senselessly deepening my relationships through expensive dinners, extravagant trips, lavish gifts, and whatever else temporarily brought about a false sense of connection.

I am not saying these things are bad in any way - they have their place. I am solely speaking to the weakened bond I had with money, living a lifestyle that wasn't sustainable and what prosperous living meant to me at the time. Have the money and spend a lot of it to prove your worth.

I mean, look up the word Prosperous. "Successful in material terms; flourishing financially."

By definition, this perspective only had me swimming in a massive pool of never ending debt. At some point, I had learned that buying people this and buying myself that would prove my worth and success to the world. And this only stoked a perpetuating cycle of wanting MORE.

Worth doesn't work that way. Neither does fulfillment and prosperity. Someone once expressed it like this.

"Prosperity is like a rosebud. As it expresses its true nature, its fragrance attracts all. Prosperity is always present within."

That right there is the sound that makes my entire body sing in sweet harmony. When we remove the notion that we need to be something other than what we already are, our unique fragrance attracts all.

Our authenticity attracts all. Our birthright to express our selves in this authentic way attracts all.

So, I am refining and redirecting my energy and consuming less in all facets of life to patch these energy leaks and slow down a continuous thread of excessive living.

Remembering that everything we need and are is already in existence and ready to share with the world. And no matter how much we look outside ourselves for that false sense of fulfillment, it will never surpass the source of our well-being.

How are you refining your energy?


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