Relaxing into my heart.

“Do the opposite of contracting and closing. Relax and release. Relax your heart until you are actually face-to-face with the exact place where it hurts. Stay open and receptive so you can be present right where the tension is. You must be willing to be present right at the place of the tightness and pain, and then relax and go even deeper.”

--Michael A. Singer

Relaxing my heart into hurdling situations has proven to be highly complicated when embodying feelings of sadness, anger or other forms of pain. When mildly triggered, I often grasp for things outside myself in an attempt to evade emotional discomfort. When deeply rooted traumas are triggered, I bypass everything + shut right down.

My response to pain runs deep + although many long term habitual patterns have changed their course in direction, I still experience bouts of debilitating anxiety: the alarm sirens + my entire body just stops. My throat closes, my chest concaves, my vision impaired, and my breath is short, painful and shallow. My mind abruptly seizes the steering wheel + aggressively tears down a freeway of stories laced with misleading translations in the split of a second.

This is my horror.

So, how does one change the relationship with our disruptive + contaminated thought patterns?

Our entire frequency governed by our personal sound current needs to shift. We can start by getting curious with the thoughts, redirecting them, + inviting something different to chant from what we're used to.

The human body is an incredible machine receptive to repetition + will respond based on our conditioned experiences; we are wired this way. We are all chanting something + the stories you chant will either limit or expand you. It is a part of our work as Hue-man Beings to dismantle + dissolve our adopted belief systems that impede our exalted living experience to align with the richness of our life.

I have been chanting, "I choose to remain open," especially when I am already open. Easy to forget when we are feeling good but imperative to retrain the mind.

I can tell you firsthand that when triggered, changing my narrative was never an option, let alone easy. My immediate response is to seek comfort + safety, so I tend to gravitate to what is familiar. And what was familiar was not usually productive thinking. Can you relate?

A dedicated athlete will train their physical + mental body to strengthen their game in preparation for the main event.

Think of your triggered responses as the main event.

Repetitive chanting will retrain the mind for when things get hard. For me, choosing to remain open clears space + invites curiosity when I am challenged the most.

I am prepared to get curious + dare to sit with the pain. To feel, explore + identify it. To allow the pain to move through me as something I am not + refrain from holding onto what often creates resistance rather than an experience of freedom.

So, I choose to remain open. Over and over and over again.

I choose to remain open in efforts to fully embody unconditional love for myself + others. I choose to remain open and use my mind as a guiding tool to mindfully navigate feelings rather than suppress them. I choose to remain open to prosperous opportunities that are abundantly available when I allow for it. I choose to remain open in engaging respectfully through compassionate discernment over judgement passed on by systemic beliefs that I assure you were not created by the essence of our being. And I choose to remain open to see the manifestations of pain as something that once aspired to alarm + protect me rather than maliciously sabotage the truth in all that is.

How are you choosing to remain open?

What part of you are you willing to see and feel differently?


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