The trickster mind.

Updated: Feb 9

It amazes me how the assertive ego can barge in through the doors of sanctuary--unannounced and definitely unwelcome--and compromise the authenticity and wellness of our being.

Today I feel off. I feel anger swirl in the belly as a freight of insecurity and fear make an impromptu delivery.

I sit and I question… WHY? Where does this come from?

I become unnaturally impolite and short with people who I am regularily kind to. Kind because that is one of the many excellent products when we are in our power and in alignment with our center.

It is a downward spiral of tacky behavior. I start to look at myself through the eyes of deceit; fabricate ill thoughts and stories about who I think I am and do things like partake in unhealthy searches through social media for any activity around my exes or anxiously compare myself to other success or simply being. Just to make up stories, just to make myself feel unworthy + a lot worse because that is where the mind can go.

It can be a dark, dangerous + slippery slope and probably sounds familiar, right? So, I remember to remember. I call out, remind and repeat over and over. This is a figment of reality and this too shall pass much like the storming weather during a torrential downpour and turbulent winds.

I become still. I breathe. I reconnect with my center despite of the chaos that surround and I patiently wait. I allow for these stories to rise and then fall away.

This meditation is called Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity. It is one that can be carried with you and pulled out in times of self-defeat or doubt. The times when you feel that you have fallen off the track of love and peace because ego steers you another way.

It happens and thank GOD for these tools to keep us aware and aligned.

For detailed information on how to do this meditation, visit the link HERE and give it a try! Even if you are not feeling sensations of animosity, this meditation is a great prevention for the trickster mind.

As always, please REACH OUT if you wish to learn more or have specific questions about this meditation - I am happy to help.




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