There comes a time.

There comes a time when we must remove all distractions to expose, discern and embody who we are and what we are here to do.

Most of us do an excellent job at pretending we are something we are not—especially behind the safety of filters + screens—living a life fueled by fantasy and façade rather than honesty and naked truth.

And why?

Because we are made to believe that to be loved and accepted, we need to fit into a box created by another's expectation of us?

This year has been an exciting one of rapid purging, dismantling old belief systems, destroying ideas of who I seemingly assumed I was, and boldly aligning with the truth of my being. It has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, surrender to the shadow self and examine this life I had been living very carefully - I certainly hope this has been your experience too.

I have been asking myself:

▶ Why do I do the things I do?

▶ Whose set of rules and guidelines have I adopted?

▶ What do my responses say about me?

▶ How are these beliefs impacting my overall well-being?

▶ How do they affect the people in my life and the world at large?

Indulging in self-examining questions like these has been my practice as of late. Working in the frequency of inquiry, although uncomfortable, feels wildly pleasant and omniscopic. And woven through the silver lining of severing ties and dismantling preconceived beliefs, long-standing diversions that once served as a means to distract, are gracefully falling away.


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