Wrapping it up.

I write a lot.

I open the day with an exercise of continuous writing. I will write, long and steady, anywhere from twenty minutes upward to an hour—it has become my daily practice. Our daily practice wants to be something that inspires us to move, create, align, purify and stimulate our soul. For me, the art of moving ink on paper guides me into a field that fosters just about anything and everything to rise and make a mark elsewhere other than held within. It enables me to unpack and purge lingering rubbish cultivated throughout the night. It smudges my internal environment and sets the stage for daily encouragement and guidance.

I do this through words.

Although I lead a relatively joyful and peaceful life, I often wake up bathing in a pool of mixed emotions, including sadness and anger. It takes me time to flourish into a new day, and this exercise supplies me with moments to write it out before I unfurl naturally into the sweetness of life.

Sometimes the words will shape goals, but not all the time. Sometimes the words are meaningful and flow eloquently. Other times they are jarring, scattered and messy with no rhyme and absolutely no reason. Sometimes I dissect the details of a dream, what it could mean, how it feels in my body, what areas of my life require observation, or maybe I conclude, it means nothing at all. Balancing words and forming stories are magic to me as I can use them to twist and reform onset negative thoughts and emotions into something fertile to blossom.

You could say that I am a passionate mad lover of words.

Recently, I have introduced a new addition to my daily ritual that includes a closing out for the day. I've created a bookend for my morning exploration by taking inventory of the day before I power down for the night. Although my morning practice can often involve intention setting, it doesn't always, so this is not so much an evaluation but an observation and celebration. I choose five things that happened over the day, invite a positive feeling about them and write them down to conclude my waking experience. And should I have a testing day—because we all have those—I get extra creative with the content and make it up.

I believe we have the ability to utilize our thoughts to shift our emotional experiences. I know we don't all have good days all the time, but we have the chance to acknowledge, appreciate and applaud ourselves into bringing about joy and happiness by savouring the details.

Commend yourself for resting your body, having a difficult conversation with someone you love even though it hurts, taking a chance, do something wild, challenging yourself at work, running an extra mile, spending time with a friend.

Whatever it is, celebrate your efforts in expressing your humanly self and honouring your needs. It feels wondrous going to sleep knowing you lived a full and accomplished day. I contribute this deeply to my happiness and overall well-being.


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